UK Rainfall Radar Map

This map shows rainfall radar images at 10 minute intervals, for the last two hours – times are shown in UK local time. If the rainfall map below doesn’t display correctly, please refresh the page.

Wind Chill Chart

This is a chart of wind chill factors and is designed to show the temperature we feel at a given air temperature and wind speed. These values give a more accurate representation of temperature than just using the air temperature figure quoted in weather forecasts, although some forecasters now also quote ‘feels like’ temperatures which take this into account.
Wind Chill Index

The ‘New Wind Chill Temperature Index’ was introduced in 2001 as a more accurate way of calculating wind chill, this index is currently used in the UK by the Met Office (amongst others) to determine wind chill. The previous index (created in 1945) which is still quoted in many places was perceived to give temperatures which were too low, largely as a result of the temperatures being calculated at an altitude of 33ft (anemometer height) rather than 5ft (head height).